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Our Email Services

With a dual approach of campaigns and flows we have increased revenue for clients across a range of industries.

  • Flow Setups
  • Design & Copywriting
  • Strategy & Content Calender
  • Segmentation
  • A/B Testing
  • Optimization Reports

Automation Optimization

Automated flow sequences use demographic and behavioral data to generate consistent revenue. We’re fully equipped to set up, test, and manage new flows to compliment your overall marketing strategy.

Campaign Management

Crafting tailored campaigns -- whether lifestyle content or promotional emails -- is a driver for long-term customer loyalty and consistent growth. We combine targeted campaign strategies with visually appealing designs to make profitable connections with your customers.

Strategic, bespoke & optimized

Email Campaigns

At Arctic Leaf, we know that a strong campaign strategy is the pinnacle of any brand. We’ll work with you to understand your audience, strategize, and design thoughtful campaigns focused on creating positive customer experiences. We’ll create a detailed marketing calendar to make calculated decisions and schedule out your campaigns in advance so you don’t have to worry about executing your campaigns. We continually test, personalize, and optimize our approach to achieve peak brand value and propel your business forward.

Strategy & Content Calendar

Plan ahead and prioritize. A strong strategic direction makes the most out of your campaigns.

A/B Split Testing

Optimize results. Test titles, content, and timing to find out what works.


Content tailored to your audience.


Reach your customers in the right place, at the right time.

Strategic, bespoke & optimized

List Management & Segmentation

Every customer is unique. We use cutting-edge demographic and behavioral insight to segment your mailing list and make informed decisions about how your messaging resonates with your audience.

Purchase History

Re-target customers when they’re most likely to purchase.


Connect with your customers on a personal level.


Craft relevant messages and minimize spam complaints.

Low effort with plenty to gain

Automation / Flows

At Arctic Leaf, we put data to work. We combine industry trends with your customer’s data to develop targeted automation sequences designed to optimize results. We monitor and test new flows and methods to garner continuous revenue growth.

Abandoned Cart

Recover lost revenue left in consumer’s carts.

Abandoned Checkout

Remind customers to complete their purchase.

Browse Abandonment

Offer relevant suggestions when users browse your site.

Customer Winback

Re-target customers when their activity has lapsed.

Post-purchase Thank You

Show your appreciation and cross-sell related products.

Product Review Callout

Feedback is key to improving your offering.

Welcome Series

Engage your most loyal insiders.

Custom Flows

Every business is unique. We’ll set up custom flows tailored for your brand.

Seamless shopping experience

Store Integration

As experts in the leading ecommerce platforms we are able to supercharge your store through custom integrations with email marketing. We even built an app…

Custom Advanced Installation

Want to track more than default metrics? Our full-stack digital team can develop custom tracking using Javascript and the Klaviyo APIs to connect unsupported third-party applications with Klaviyo.

  • Platform Integration
  • Tracking Script Installation
  • Coupon Setup
  • Mailing List Hook up
  • Product Feed Setup
  • Custom Trigger Configuration
Cart Rebuilder Logo

Is your store on BigCommerce? We developed a powerful Cart Rebuilder App for Klaviyo to capture native abandoned carts on BigCommerce.

  • Track users when the add or update their carts.
  • Re-build a user’s cart on different browsers and devices
Cart Flows

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